Who I Am

I’m an American.

Why Did You Make This Site

I watched jobs get shipped overseas for years and I’m watching as vital supply-chains are causing major issues during this pandemic. While I’m stuck at home during the pandemic I decided to do something. It’s my hope that I can help put a spotlight on those businesses that provide life sustaining employment to our friends and neighbors.

How Do I Choose Who To Include

I decide if I feel a business it working to provide employment to Americans by that getting their materials and labor from US sources. Some businesses use some foreign labor and raw materials. I understand that it’s not possible in all cases to make every item or source all materials in the US, but I use my own discretion to include those businesses that make a concerted effort to use American labor and materials.

Criteria For Inclusion

  1. Serious attempts to make their products or services with American labor and material
  2. Provides products or services nationwide (so I’m not including businesses that don’t ship their products or can’t sell their services nationwide)
  3. Business is active (so no small businesses that don’t have a somewhat modern website or any recent social media posts)
  4. Thats it for now, but I’ll include more as I figure this out (this site is only a week old)