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Drymate - Water Proof Mats for Home, Outdoor & Pets Made in the USA When RPM, Inc. bought the rights to the waterproof mat material, now called Drymate®, it was being manufactured in the United States. The quality of the material was good and consumers were happy with the product. Well, as the old (and grammatically incorrect) saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So we didn’t. All Drymate® waterproof mats are still manufactured in the US. Can we have the material made cheaper overseas? Sure. Would we make more money that way? You bet. But we’d risk losing control of the quality. By manufacturing our product in the US, we are able to keep a close eye on quality. We can detect issues, resolve them quickly and minimize the delay in getting product to our customers. Consumers demanding US-made products More and more consumers are demanding Made in the USA product. And, quite frankly, we’re proud to oblige. It gives us that warm fuzzy feeling to offer products made right here within our borders. While it is true that we sell a few products that are not 100% made in the USA, we offer these items because we believe they are unique, high quality products that complement our product line.