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Somewhere in the last 30 years, it seems like “American Made” changed in meaning. Companies claim their products are American Made if any of their components came from here. But, we’ve been doing business with the U.S. military for over 35 years. And we think words count. That’s why you’ll hear us saying “100% American Made” everywhere we go.

What does that mean? It means that, when we sell you an ICEHOLE® padlock, it comes from the only factory left in the U.S. that makes padlocks and all their components. When we sell you a shirt or a ball cap, we go to extra pains to be sure that U.S. workers and U.S. veterans are benefiting from your purchase and ours.

What do we mean by “100% American Made?” Just what it says. From ICEHOLE Cooler bodies, to the hinge pins, to the handles and ropes, everything that goes into an ICEHOLE® High-Performance Cooler has been made by hard-working Americans. It’s more than a marketing strategy or a philosophy, it is the very core of our business.

Should you question our competitors’ claims of “Made in America?” We think you should. Exactly what do they mean? Can you buy an ICEHOLE Cooler and know that it really is American made? Absolutely. We guarantee it, and every part of it was manufactured in the United States of America.

Video: Icehole Cooler vs. Bear

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