Welcome to SuperPouch. Established in 1987, SuperPouch quickly got off to a slow start. We “thought” there has got to be a better way to carry one’s tools except a five gallon bucket or a canvas coal bag. So after reviewing what was available in the way of tool bags and after much trial and error our first all canvas, no rivets or wire inserts or zippers, tool/organizer carrier was born.

The model we called the 24-0, 24 outside pouches, open top self standing tool organizer/carrier. Made of 24 oz., number 4 cotton duck.

We now had our own proto type, now came the challenge, “How to manufacture the bag in the U.S.A. with our high quality standards, and still share this great tool organizer with our contractor friends at a small profit?”

Needless to say we were persistent and many times along the way we were ready to throw in the towel. High manufacturing costs, high materials costs, distribution costs, advertising costs, boxing, packaging, were among the many steps that had to be trimmed. Sure off shore manufacturing was cheaper, much cheaper but quality control, availability and ability to innovate were worth more. Our objective was not to create jobs in other countries. Our objective was to make a good American product with good quality and a reasonable price and to protect our time and effort, an easy to remember product name and a Trade Mark to protect our name.

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